Update: Cat stuck on highway column on I-10 West evades rescue efforts


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — An update on operation save the cat, you’ll remember from Wednesday’s coverage a small orange cat found itself stuck on a highway column off of I-10 West.

El Paso Animal Services, El Paso Police, TXDot and the El Paso Fire Department were at work since early Thursday morning trying to rescue the cat but so far no luck, with the tricky feline evading rescue efforts.

Public Affairs Coordinator for El Paso Animal Services, Michele Anderson said this is not the first time Animal Services has had to rescue cats from highway columns.

“You know we understand the community loves their pets, that’s why we love El Paso so much but it’s very important especially in situations like these for the community to allow our animal protection officers to handle the situation” said Anderson.

The feline was spotted perched on the column by residents earlier Wednesday across the parking lot from the Carnitas Queretaro restaurant on Gateway Boulevard West. A Facebook user posted pictures of the cat sitting on the column at about 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Passersby and Facebook users called El Paso Animal Services, which is working on rescuing the cat.

“Our Animal Protection team has been made aware of this feline stuck on a support column and we are coordinating efforts to rescue the cat safely,” said Michele Anderson. “As this is a busy location, this operation requires us to coordinate with officials in order to block off traffic and place a trap safely on the support.”

Jennifer Wright, a spokeswoman for the El Paso Texas Department of Transportation’s office, said they will defer to law enforcement for the equipment necessary to save the cat.

“In this case, we are helping to close off the ramp so animal control can try to retrieve the kitty,” Wright said.

“Our Animal Protection Officers have rescued a number of cats from these support structures and we find that it’s best for the community to not try and stop or rescue the cat themselves, as this could cause the cat to get stressed out and possibly even jump,” she said. “While we understand the community wants to help, but for the safety and the security of both the community and the cat, it’s important to allow officials to handle these situations.”

This is a developing story.

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