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MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – The Unified Command Team met this morning but not in their usual in-person news conference. In compliance with social distancing, the team met virtually through Zoom.

The hospital remains under half capacity.

Meyers states that the hospital has begun decontaminating masks.

“This UVGI process, we expect to allow us to extend the life of an N95 four times. So four times four shifts for sixteen shifts worth of use,” says Meyers.

According to Meyers, a process was developed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center called U.G.V.I. It allows the hospital to use the ultraviolet cleaning systems the hospital has to clean N95 masks allowing to extend the life of masks.

According to Meyers Midland Memorial is down 15% in net revenue and will be receiving aid from the government to recoup with the loss.

Doctor Lawrence Wilson goes to remind people that social distancing, washing their hands, and other practices must continue in place. With social distancing new models show that the curve is flattening and this can all end sooner rather than later.

“We have an opportunity to bend the curve down and change the model that we’ve been hearing about over the last several weeks. Some of them have been scary with the trajectory going on all the way into August or later,” says Wilson.

Becky Smith from the health department address the definition of ‘recovered’ and ‘complete.’

“The recovered status is when a patient feels well enough to return back to normal daily activities, work, daycare, etc. and that is days after someone is out of isolation because, for example, the one that went back to isolation. So, we do not do that immediately after someone is out of isolation,” says Smith.

MISD Orlando Riddick giving a shout out to teachers stepping up and being in virtually there for students which began this week.

He also applauds those who have answered the call in making sure students have meals and delivering meals to students.

“That morning delivery is critical to so many of our kids as well as individuals who are taking meals, which we call our Meals on Wheels program, to homes where they cannot get to us and making that delivery as well,” says Riddick.

Starting Monday, the district will be moving meals to 10:30 to 12:30. Students will received breakfast and lunch during these hours.

Volunteers are currently delivering 122 meals to 40 different address according to Riddick. Over 1,100 hours of volunteer work helping MISD.

The district is still currently ironing out some details about providing the bus hot spots for kids who need internet access but Riddick says the service is on the way for students. Other options students have for internet access include sitting in select school parking lots to access WiFi and some internet provides are offering two months of free internet access.

You can visit the district website for more information on internet access options for your student.

Riddick and the district are not ruling out potential virtual graduation at this moment. He says he is hoping for traditional graduation but if not the district is exploring options for virtual graduation.

County Judge Terry Johnson is proud to announce C.H.A.T, Midland County Assessment Tool, which you can text ‘CHAT’ to 432-287-7337. This will allow the county to gather trend data.

“To me information is power. There is power in what folks can tell us. So originally we’re going to start out by asking you just a couple of questions, it won’t be lengthy it will just be three questions such as, your zip code, which will allow us to figure out if there are hot spot in Midland, good or bad. Your age range. Then also we are just going to ask do you have any of these symptoms,” said Johnson.

Mayor Payton continuing to stress for Midlanders to hold on and not lose faith in these troubling times.

Amidst all, Payton says unemployment numbers have increased in the area and tell fellow Midlanders he hasn’t heard much from the unemployment agency.

“Just high stress right now. I just want to encourage you to take care of yourself as the judge mentioned take care of your mental health,” says Payton.

For more the full press conference you can click here.

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