U.S. Senator John Cornyn addresses the dangers of youth vaping


ODESSA, TEXAS (Big 2/ Fox 24)- Teenagers who are used to going online to buy vaping products such as e-cigarettes and Juul pods may have a tougher time getting ahold of them after a new Act in Congress is passed.

“It is being marketed as a safer alternative but that does not mean it’s safe as we’ve heard here today,” says Republican Senator John Cornyn.

U.S Senator John Cornyn addressing West Texan’s at MCH during the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes roundtable and press conference.

The Senator taking a firm stance Wednesday while discussing the Preventing Online Sales of E-cigarettes to Children Act.

“We stand together when it comes to protecting our kids against those who take advantage of them by trying to addict them to a product or get them to purchase a product that will harm them and jeopardize their health and their well being.”

Cornyn inviting OPD, MISD School officials, the Mayor of Midland and MCH workers to present statistics about the dangers of vaping

As of right now, if a teen was to go online and purchase an e-cigarette all they need to do is check a box saying that they’re of age. This act will require online retailers to verify the age of all purchases by requiring an adult with an ID to be present at delivery.

“We heard how these products are being mixed with other illicit substances like THC which is a psychoactive component of marijuana but I think there is growing concerns about the public health consequences of increasing drug use,” says Cornyn.

The Senator also pointing out its bipartisan support naming Senator Dianne Feinstein as his Chief Democratic Co-Sponsor.

The Bill will now move on to the Senate to be voted on. If passed the U.S Attorney General will have to create a running list of all noncompliant E-Cigarette sellers and carriers

“This is a growing public health problem that we are trying to get on top of.”

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