TXDOT prepares for winter weather ahead of the storm in West Texas


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Cold temperatures and snow are rolling through parts of the Permian Basin and TXDOT wants to make sure West Texans are prepared before hitting the road.

“If you are waiting for the day to get your car prepared it’s too late. You need to have good headlights, good tires, good breaks, good windshield wipers, provisions in your car. This is going to be a short event it seems like so come Thursday we will forget it even snowed hopefully,” said Gene Powell, the Public Spokesperson for TXDOT.

He said the biggest thing is to give yourself time to travel and remember that the speed limit signs are for perfect conditions, not rain, snow, or ice.

“Give yourself more distance between you and other vehicles. If you happen to start sliding steer where you want to go and never slam on your breaks,” he said.

TXDOT also had five trucks in Odessa and five trucks in Midland pre-treating the roads in preparation for the weather.

“With this event, we are actually putting brine on the road which is a saltwater mix what that does is it keeps ice from bonding to the road as much, makes it easier to move off. It also lowers the freezing point of water so ice doesn’t form quite as quickly.”

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