Two pipeline protesters Who call themselves Earth Protectors were arrested by the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday morning for trespassing on private pipeline property.

The property was south of Elephant rock, located south of Marfa at the construction site, according to the Sheriff’s office.

A female that is underage was also detained for trespassing on the property.

Lori Glover and Ronald Scisert will both be charged for various offenses.

Glover, for interference with public gas supply and trespassing on the pipeline.

Scisert will be charged with criminal trespassing.

Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez says in the future all applicable charges will be filed on individuals found violating any laws pertaining to Texas Penal Code.

We spoke with one of the Earth Protectors present during the protest who says the event was organized by the Society of Native Nations.

“We are without a doubt protesting what the pipeline is doing, we are trying to stand-up, unite with each other, and draw up a bigger crowd, a lot of people do not understand the immediate effects to the ground, to the water, to the atmosphere, to the wildlife.” said Louis Moncivias Leader of Camp Trail Deer.

He says the Camp is a safe haven for earth and water protectors to come help the people of West Texas and Mexico defend the land against the Trans-Pecos Pipeline.

For more information on the camp and their mission you can visit their Facebook page.