Turn-around Plan Unveiled at Sam Houston Elementary


Thursday evening more than 50 parents filled the gym at Sam Houston Elementary in Midland to hear out the proposed “turn around plan”.

Dr. Elise Kail, the Executive Director of Accountability said because Sam Houston Elementary has been an improvement required school for more than two years they need to start implementing new strategies. 

“There is organization skills, study skills, and writing through inquiry,” said Kail. “Things like that will become a part of their everyday opportunity and it really rallies up the expectation.”

As Midland ISD met at the school to discuss the potential changes with parents they talked about the steps they will take to improve the education to the students who will be attending the Elementary School. 

“Turning Houston Elementary into a college prep Elementary is that we are bringing in AVID,” said Kail. “AVID is advancement via individual determination which is a college preparatory methodology and framework of a belief.”

Midland ISD Superintendent Orlando Riddick spoke at the event where he not only explained the possible changes but also listened to parents concerns. 

Some questions that came up was in regards to if the faculty will be needing to change schools, and if their students will be required to apply to the college prep school. 

Orlando said  if this proposal gets approved then all faculty will need to re-apply for their job but, all positions will be open meaning anyone form Odessa to Big Spring can apply for the spot. 

“So it is exciting we are starting to see parents become more involved with the district,” said Kail. “That’s always exciting because they are our partner with us in educating their children.” 

The proposal will be brought up to the school board next Tuesday where they will vote on whether or not to implement it. 

But, if it does get approved then Sam Houston Elementary will be considered the only College Prep School at Midland ISD. 

“On January 17th we will start the process of really diving in more into the details around the plan and enrollment opportunities and the guidelines will be for the program.”

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