Triple digit temperatures causing heat related illnesses


Triple digit temperatures look to be here to stay for the next week and hospitals are seeing an uptick in heat-related illnesses. 

The toasty temperatures didn’t stop Jarvis Littleton from going on an afternoon run. 

Jarvis Littleton works for an industrial safety service called Total Safety. 

While he says he’s used to working in hot temperatures, Littleton knows the dangers of not taking care of yourself in this hot weather. 

“It’s hot for everybody, but I’m dealing with it. Drinking as much water as I can,” said Littleton. 

Amanda Everett, the Emergency Management and Injury Prevention Coordinator for MCH, says these summer-like temperatures cause their hospital to see slightly more people admit themselves. 

“We always have several injuries from heat exhaustion or heat strokes throughout the summer,” said Everett. 

In the past five days, Midland officials say they’ve responded to possibly four heat involved calls, while over in Odessa, city officials say they’ve had around five. 

“We haven’t seen as many as we would’ve thought we would’ve had right now, but we’re starting to see them trickle in,” said Everett. 

For those who have to work outside, Everett says to do everything they can to stay hydrated, cool, and protected. 

Some of those recommendations include: applying SPF 50 or higher, drinking water throughout the day, and wearing light clothing. 

If you’re someone who chooses to exercise or be outside, Everett recommends the same techniques. 

She also adds exercising or being out before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. to avoid warmer temperatures. 

If you’re experiencing nausea, vomiting, or dizziness, Everett says to find a place to cool down. 

Once you find shade or air condition, Everett says to start hydrating yourself. 

If your condition doesn’t improve, the next best step is seeking emergency assistance. 

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