Traveling over the Memorial day weekend


This Memorial Day air travel among Texans is increasing by over 5% and travel agencies are busy.

Wendy Brumbelow, Accredited Cruise Counselor says “my desk has just been cleaned off, it was double this on Monday. We’ve gone through everything and we are doing the same amount of work. So, we’ve all been extremely busy”

Brumbelow plans cruises and airtravel for her clients. She says she’s been planning for months for this upcoming Holiday.

According to the Any Seasons Travel worker, “a lot of people from here are going everywhere, lot’s of Cruises lots of Mexico, lot’s of Hawaii just all different places all over the world.”

Her best advice? Always plan trips as early as possible; “for one thing sometimes the prices are better. The availability is better and doing it quickly sometimes it’s okay but sometimes you don’t get what your’re looking for.”

As for those traveling by car? That’s gone up by almost 4% and there are important things to check before driving off to your destination.

“It’s definitely recomended, make sure your oils are up, make sure your oils are fine, your transmission fluids are fine, your water’s fine”

According to the Tire Tech, double checking your tires is never a bad idea. “Make sure the tires are in good condition that there’s no cracks. There’s no, the rubber, is still really good on them”

Daniel says dont stop there “it’s good to have a first aid kit or a travel road side kit”

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