MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar)- A local car wash and self storage facility had its tractor stolen. Now the owners are trying to deal with the fallout.

The tractor was an important part of the daily work at Greenwood Car Wash & Self Storage.

A loss this big has been a tough pill to swallow for the owners.

Ed Drennan has owned and run the Greenwood Car Wash & Self Storage with his wife for 17 years now.

The business served as a way to help gets his kids through college.

He used a tractor to help shovel mud that washed off of vehicles and to mow to the grass around his property.

But a couple of weeks ago, he got an unwelcome surprise.

“Came to start doing our normal work at the car wash and went back there to get the tractor to bring it out and haul trash and start working in the bays and it was gone,” said Drennan.

Ed bought that tractor back in 2005. Since its been stolen, he had to buy a new one– costing him twice the amount he paid for the original tractor.

He says it’s a significant financial hit for a small local business like his— with only two people running the place.

“It’s a low cashflow business so you’re totally dependent on cashflow to make things work and keep it going,” said Drennan.

“It hits the bottom line really really hard.”

Ed is trying not linger on the loss too much. This business is something that has brought him a lot of joy over the years.

While he says losing his tractor hurts, he is determined to press on.

“All you can do at this point is move forward and hope for the best and look at other measures to try to help mitigate those issues,” said Drennan.

The investigation into the missing tractor is still ongoing in Greenwood.

Anyone with any information regarding the tractor’s whereabouts is encouraged to reach out to the Midland County Sheriff’s Department.