After resigning Wednesday, former Pyote City Manager Lloyd Collins, and two city employees were relieved from their positions at a special meeting Friday afternoon. 

The decision made official by a unanimous vote from city council.

“That is what started this whole, we need to have a special called meeting,” Abigail Pritchard, mayor pro-tem of Pyote.

The council says that the situation escalated when Collins failed to post the agenda for the monthly business meeting. Members of city council say that this was the tipping point.

“We can’t take it anymore, there is no way we can work with him,” says Jerry Tefertiller, a councilman.

Other council members voiced additional problems that happened during Collins 5-year time working for the city. One councilman saying that he developed “outlaw tactics.”

While this may be a difficult time, Pyote officials say they will eventually hold another special session to talk about electing a new city manager.

“The city government will go forward. it will different from how it has been, but it will go forward,” says Pritchard.

The two other employees will possibly have the chance to be re-hired later in the future.

Collins declined to make any comments on the situation.