UPDATE: OPD confirms stolen Cadillac recovered, suspect arrested. Other stolen items recovered, drugs seized after search warrant.


UPDATE #2 (4/30/21): OPD confirms a suspect has been arrested in the North Odessa car theft of a Cadillac CTS-V. Police say a suspect was apprehended while trying to cash a check from the stolen car. Police say a search warrant was later executed on W. Yukon Rd. that led to the recovery of stolen items, belonging to both, the owner of the Cadillac and other people. Drugs were also seized, per OPD. The investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE #1 (4/28/21): The owner of the Cadillac tells us a suspect has been arrested as of 10:30 P.M. Wade tells us his car has not been recovered. This is a developing situation and we will bring you the latest here.


Thief strikes North Odessa neighborhood again. This time, by stealing a car.

NORTH ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – It’s a sickening feeling for Paul Wade.

“I noticed my car, not in the driveway. Not anywhere to be seen,” Wade said.

The native Odessan woke up this morning, ready to head out of town. But he couldn’t. Someone stole his prized possession overnight, a Cadillac CTS-V, from his home off 87th and Cornell.

“So, immediately, I started looking at the camera footage, and saw a guy came walking down the street,” Wade said. “He basically came right down this sidewalk.”

The thief was captured on Paul’s surveillance video. You can see someone, about 1:30 in the morning. It’s not clear if it’s a man or woman because of the baseball cap. They slowly enter Paul’s cadillac and shortly after, take off.

A spare key was left in the car, something Paul says he did because he felt his neighborhood was safe enough.

Inside his car, he had about $13,000 worth of personal stuff, like a Rolex watch and some golf clubs.

Here’s the license plate information: LDJ7568. Paul says there’s only a handful of cars like his in the area. There is a distinct feature: his license plate is bent.

But Paul says this crook was at other people’s houses too.

“…With bags of stuff, that looks like he got from other people in the neighborhood,” Wade said, referencing the security footage.

A neighbor confirmed to Paul, her laptop was stolen overnight, as well.

“I wouldn’t say I expect it, otherwise I wouldn’t leave a spare set of keys in my car. Because this is a nice neighborhood, there are a lot of great families and people keep an eye out. I wish there was more patrolling in the area,” Wade said.

But up the road on Cornell, there was another problem.

Curtis Bingeman says his family’s cars were targeted twice by a thief.

He says nothing was taken the first time. But someone came back a second time on Monday, stealing his wife’s purse that was in his truck and then her car keys, using that to get in to her Mazda.

Bingeman says more than a thousand dollars were charged to the family’s credit card. He believes it might be teens or young adults who stole, because whoever did it, bought high-end sneakers.

“It’s an invasion of privacy, you know. We’re supposed to feel safe in this neighborhood. A lot of us have kids. We don’t want a thief in the driveway when we got kids sleeping inside,” Bingeman said.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the suspect, or crimes related to the thefts in this neighborhood, give Odessa Police a call.

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