The Zuzu Effect in Alpine


In the small town of Alpine, residents and local businesses are showing their support for the Verk family and remembering Zuzu. 

Longtime resident Lari Quigg says it’s something the community has done for the past three years. 

“Her love for West Texas and the Davis Mountains. She just loved it out here. She loved our wildlife, she loved our ecosystem,” said Quigg. 

With the Robert Fabian trial currently underway, the close-knit community is reminding the Verk family that they have their back. 

“I wanted them to know that we still care and that we’re going through this with them,” said Quigg. 

That is why Quigg and other locals are wearing Zuzu’s favorite color, green, at work. Many people and businesses are also posting pictures on social media with the hash tag, “Justice for Zuzu”. 

“It’s the Zuzu Effect. It’s an absolute feeling of love and comfort here,” said Quigg. 

Though Quigg never knew Zuzu personally, she recalls seeing Zuzu go grocery shopping at her old job. 

“I used to work at Shopko. She came there to shop a couple of times, very sweet,” said Quigg. 

Meanwhile, at the Sonic Drive-In in Alpine, manager Albert Lujan says Zuzu would frequently visit his location for food. 

“Real bubbly, always laughing. You know, always having a good time,” said Lujan. 

Lujan has also joined in on “Go Green Mondays”. He’s allowed his employees to wear green the past two Mondays. 

It is that outpouring that Quigg says she hopes will remind the Verks that they are not alone in this journey. 

“It’s not lost on us that our journey is not anywhere near close to what they’re going through. But we feel their pain, we love them, we just want to be here for them,” said Quigg. 

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