The UK makes stop in Odessa, talks energy production in the Basin


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- Her Majesty`s Consul General Richard Hyde made a stop in Odessa today as part of a state-wide tour.  

Hyde and senior staff from the British Consulate based out of Houston, will travel around the Lone Star State for a two-week, multi-city tour, including a host of pop-up consulates, public engagements, and meetings with political, business and community leaders that will highlight the close economic links that the UK has with the state of Texas. 

Today’s stop at The University of Texas Permian Basin focused on oil production and export as well as the future of renewable energy. 

“We’re covering as much of rural Texas as we can. My job is to understand what makes people tick in this state and I can’t do that sitting in one city. There’s a particular perception of Texas overseas, and some of it is good; ruggedness, the cowboy lifestyle…it’s all great stuff, but it doesn’t really tell the whole picture,” Hyde said.

And the picture being painted for the consulate in the Basin is one of global economic impact.

“This region in West Texas, the Permian Basin…everybody knows, this, underground is the energy that’s fueled the world for the last hundred years, but there’s a huge amount of talent above ground. And it’s the people above ground that I’ve come to talk to and talk about interesting issues and challenging issues, like energy transition. There’s probably no other part of the United States that’s more directly impacted by energy transition than the Permian Basin,” Hyde said. 

Hyde said energy transition will require things like advancement in technology, as well as renewable energy, and that people in the Basin seem to understand that well.

“It’s a process. Over time, we reduce our dependence upon hydro-carbons and increase our ability to produce energy from other sources. When I talk to people here, it’s really clear people understand that. You see windmills everywhere; you see solar panels. This part of Texas has really embraced the economic opportunity in renewable energy. It’s not talking about the death of oil and gas. People here really understand energy, they understand the market and most importantly people here have the skills in engineering, the skills in energy extraction, in producing energy for the world.” Hyde said.  

The next stops on the tour include El Paso, Van Horn, McAllen, Kingsville, and Shiner.

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