The Texting While Driving Law Changes Tomorrow September 1st


Starting September 1st you will be given a misdemeanor if caught texting while driving.

Texas Representative Tom Craddick, said it’s about time the texting while driving law becomes unified across the state. 

“We will have a statewide ban on texting while driving,” said Craddick. “It’s all the way across the state and the only difference is some cities have a strong ordinance where you can’t use your cell phone at all it has to be hands free.” 

The ordinance that is in Midland specifies that you cannot be driving your car and texting at the same time. If you receive a text while driving, you will have to pull your car over before responding to the text. 

Daniel Stief is a community relations officer. Stief said it is important to have this ordinance statewide. 

“We have had a lot of wrecks because of texting while driving,” said Stief. “You know, really you take your eyes off of the road for a few seconds and that could be a wreck right there. 

But, Midland’s texting and driving law almost mirrors the new Texas ordinance, so Midland will not be directly affected. 

Craddick points out, from one end of the state to the other, texting while driving is off limits to all Texans. 

“So when people come into the state of Texas they know they can not text and drive from El Paso to Dallas to Houston to wherever it is all the same,” said Craddick.

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