The Risk of Throwing Away Christmas Gift Boxes

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The Ector County Sheriff’s Office and the Odessa Police Department are reminding residents to be mindful of throwing Christmas gift boxes away. 

Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis says it’s important that residents are selective in what they throw away in these next couple of days.

“Don’t advertise what you got for Christmas because somebody else might want that stuff you got,” said Griffis. 

Griffis says new flat screen TVs or game system boxes aren’t the best items to throw out right away.

“You need to be cognizant of the fact that when you throw a big screen TV out there in your yard or behind your house, thieves know that ‘hey, they got a nice new TV in here,'” said Griffis. 

OPD Corporal Steve LeSueur says its important to either hang on to your gift receipts or shred them. 

“They will take the receipts out of the garbage and then they will go into the store and they retrieve that item and then they will attempt to return that item with that receipt that they obtained from your residence,” said LeSueur. 

Sheriff Griffis recommends residents take the security of their belongings into their own hands by installing cameras or an alarm system in their house. 

“You know today’s day and time there’s so much going on and there’s not that many of us to patrol every street,” said Griffis. 

Both Sheriff Griffis and Corporal LeSueur also encourage residents to report any suspicious activity, calling it a team effort in preventing and stopping crime. 

They also recommend just waiting until trash day to get rid of your bigger items. 

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