What was once a refuge for recovering addicts in Midland has closed its doors, leaving many questions and uncertainty for the people who went seeking help. 

The Palmer Drug Abuse Facility they meet at five times a week, is now closed.

One member who will remain anonymous says without the meetings, it will be hard to give addicts the consistent support they need. 

“We would like to find a facility that we could meet in, to where we can help the still suffering addict”, he said, “It can bring people back from jails., institutions, and death and give them a new way to live.” 

Low attendance rates and funding issues played a role in the closure. The building provided a place for teens with addictions to receive treatment but it also served as a safe place for anonymous drug abuse groups to have meetings.

Although the Springboard Center (the new business that will moving into the PDAP facility)  has offered to allow the group to meet during the weekends, members are looking for other options since they meet five days a week. 

Interim director of PDAP, Constance Roberts says she’s concerned that patients and support groups will have trouble relocating. 

She’s even had to turn some people away, who have come to the now closed facility, thinking it’s still open

Roberts got emotional when talking about the future of the facility, “We’re believing that every good thing comes to an end and so that’s the same for myself. Midland will still get the service to the families and the kids.”

The new outpatient facility set to be run by Springboard Center, will open in the beginning of the new year.

Until then, narcotics anonymous will be left in limbo until new resources become available.