The importance of a second look


May 1, 2019. The day Savanah Turnbow got news she will never forget.”It took two seconds, to take someones life,” says the widow of a motorcyclist.

Turnbow says May 1st wasn’t the first time her husband almost had his life cut too short. “People you know, people don’t pay attention. And there’s been close calls.”

But she always had hope that people would get the messege. 

“It’s very important for people to pay attention, you know, always to look twice. Bikers do have families too,” says Turnbow.

Despite losing her husband she doesnt want her kids to be scared of bikes and gets her strength from the community support.

“We’re all involved together. I’m inovolved, I don’t ride a bike personally but I’m involved.”

According to TxDOT hands on activities like the one Saturday help the community understand how easy it can be to overlook motorists

Gene Powell, TxDOT PIO, says “it gives people a chance to go through virtual reality and everytime they notice a motor cycle they get a point.”

According to Powell, it’s a fun way to remind people to always look twice for motorcylist and he hopes this will help keep the community alert 

“You have to make sure that you notice them and realize that they may be moving faster and they are always closer than you think,” says Powell

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