The 14th Annual Ride of Silence


For John Floyd, cycling is a passion and its safety measures are something he takes to heart.

And for Floyd and dozens of other cyclist in the area, Wednesday night was important due to it being the annual Ride of Silence. This in memory of those who were killed on the road.

“We go no faster than 12 miles an hour. We are going to ride 14 miles up 191 to 158,” said Floyd. “Then we are going to go back down 191 stopping along the way to visit the ghost bikes that have been set up for the cyclist that we have lost over the last 30 years.”

No one understands the dangers of cycling in the Basin better than Jason Haislip, who last year was injured after he and two others were hit by a drunk driver. Haislip survived, the other two lost their lives.

“Safety on the road is much more apparent to me than it was before,” said Haislip. “Now I do choose where I ride much more carefully than I did in the past.”

Now for Haislip and others, the say they just want people to respect everyone on the road. Because many times it can turn into a life or death situation.

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