Texas Oil and Gas Production Statistics for December 2017


Production for December 2017 as reported to the Railroad Commission of Texas (Commission) is 78,085,085 barrels of crude oil and 514,503,830 mcf (thousand cubic feet) of total gas from oil and gas wells. 

These preliminary figures are based on production volumes reported by operators and will be updated as late and corrected production reports are received.

Production reported to the Commission for December 2016, was: 74,254,312 barrels of crude oil preliminarily, updated to a current figure of 86,259,570 barrels; and 566,772,368 mcf of total gas preliminarily, updated to a current figure of 652,355,569 mcf.

The Commission reports that from January 2017 to December 2017 total Texas reported production was 1.03 billion barrels of crude oil and 7.6 trillion cubic feet of total gas. 

Crude oil production reported by the Commission is limited to oil produced from oil leases and does not include condensate, which is reported separately by the Commission.

Texas preliminary December 2017 crude oil production averaged 2,518,874 barrels daily, compared to the 2,395,300 barrels daily average of December 2016.

Texas preliminary December 2017 total gas production averaged 16,596,898 mcf a day, compared to the 18,282,980 mcf daily average of December 2016.

Texas production in December 2017 came from 180,860 oil wells and 92,289 gas wells.

For additional oil and gas production statistics, visit the Commission’s website at http://www.rrc.texas.gov/oil-gas/research-and-statistics/production-data/texas-monthly-oil-gas-production/.

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