MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) — President Donald Trump will visit the Permian Basin Wednesday for a campaign fundraiser in Odessa, followed by a tour of an oil rig at Double Eagle Energy.

White House officials said the president will be delivering remarks to members of the energy industry at the oil rig.

The oil and gas industry, like many others, took a tough hit when the COVID-19 pandemic brought travel to a halt. White House officials said Tuesday President Trump will be discussing reductions in regulations, incentives for private investors and improvements to infrastructures during Wednesday’s event.

The visit comes at a time when President Trump is trying to secure the Texas vote. Recent polls show President Trump and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden within single digits of each other, some even showing Biden pulling ahead.

Texas Republicans said the President’s visit shows he understands the value of the Texas energy sector.

“His presence here shows that he understands how important we are to meeting the energy needs of the world, and I’m glad that he is going to have a chance to see that up close and personal, because most sitting presidents have not had the opportunity to do that,” Republican and West Texas-native Rep. Brooks Landgraf said Tuesday.

But Democrats said his visit shows Texas could be a battleground state this November.

“State of Texas is in play, which means the Democratic House is definitely in play, and we can look at picking up potentially seats in Congress, and we might even pick up a U.S. Senate seat, and there’s a lot of things going on in Texas. This is the this is ground zero for the November 3 election,” Democratic State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez said earlier this week.

Rep. Landgraf said the visit just shows the president’s support for the oil and gas industry, though.

“The reason why the president is here is because he knows that this is the heart and soul of America’s energy industry, right here in the Permian Basin, and he and his administration have really shown support for the industry. They know how important we are to the American economy,” Rep. Landgraf said.

The President will be joined Wednesday by former U.S. Energy Secretary and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Texas Attorney Ken Paxton and members of the Texas Congressional delegation.