Texas’ End to Emergency Unemployment Benefits


Many Texans will be affected by Governor Abbott’s decision to end emergency unemployment benefits.
After this Saturday, unemployed Texans will no longer receive the extra three-hundred dollars in their unemployment benefits.

Casa Ole Manager, Christina Lawson said it was a real struggle trying to fully staff the restaurant for the last couple of years.

She thinks that Governor Abbotts decision will positively affect the economy.

“I think it’s going to be a positive impact. I think the economy will grow, the workforce will get back to work,
The moral will change, I just see it being positive.”

In the past two weeks, Christina has hired more than 20 new employees.

One of the new hires is Haley Christine.

She says she applied to a lot of jobs before finally landing this one.

“It’s all about just getting out there putting applications out there and talking to people.”

However, some aren’t convinced the Governor’s decision is the right one. New hire Andrew Lomeli had a different perspective.

“I did 52 applications, car washes, restaurants, dealerships all that I still haven’t gotten anything,
I am happy to be here.”

Workforce solutions Chief Executive Officer, Willie Taylor, says the center is ready to assist people get back to the work force.

“I’ve always encouraged people you are better off on the job market then you are on UI benefits.”

Taylor says there are currently 20 to 25 thousand people in the region on active unemployment benefits. He says its best to get into the job seeker market now rather than later when there are more people joining in.

“It’s a job-seeker market, get into the market now while the wages are high.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ector County’s unemployment rate is now 7.8 percent compared to the 9.4 percent last year.

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