Texans come together to remember fallen first responder’s


The community coming together to remember those who lost their lives while serving others.
“Remember the officers that paid the ultimate sacrifice giving their lives to save others,” says Detective Gonzales.

And one life just recently was tragically  lost; former Midland Police Officer Nathan Heidelberg.
Midland Police Chief Seth Herman says “he placed his life on the line to protect others and just knowing that there’s a sense of pride but at the same time it’s, it’s something that we never forget.”

A hard moment, made a little easier for law enforcement. “We just appreciate all of the public, the public support, during national police week,” says Cpl. Steve LeSueur

Herman adding, “it’s heart warming for us and it really does allow us to perform our job above and beyond what’s expected just knowing that we have that support.”

First responders also paid tribute to their four legged friends who died while serving the community. According to Sgt. Gary Duesler “the k-9’s of course are a very  important part of our law enforcement family as well. They go in first sometimes to try and take the threat away. It’s just like lossing a brother or a sister.”

The ceremony was held in Odessa but Law Enforcement Agencies from all over the State came to pay their respects.

“Whether you’re from Lubbock or Odessa or whereever at the end of the day we all come together,” says  Duesler 

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