MIDLAND, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — Each month we choose four teachers out of nominations that come into our newsroom for our Teacher of the Month Surprise.

Four teachers are all given $250 gift cards, and one of them is surprised in person.
This month we chose Mr. Ryan Griffin from Holy Cross High School in Midland.

“All the students mean the world to me. I can’t imagine doing anything besides teaching, that’s where my heart is at,” said Griffin.

Ryan Griffin teaches freshman through seniors. This is his 9th year being a teacher– with 5 years experience in public schools and 4 years teaching private.

Aside from teaching, he’s also involved in putting together the school yearbook.

“That’s what I like about this job, every day is different, you never get bored with this. You get to do different things. I have the passion for literature, and writing but I also have the passion for more multi-media stuff.” said Griffin.

Chloe Grissam, a student who nominated him says Mr. Griffin has taught her a lot and is different than any teacher she’s had.

“He’s not only a teacher here but he’s also a really devoted catholic, he attends grad school and does dual credit teaching all at the same time. He has a lot to offer to us,” said Grissam.

He says he loves his students and hopes his time teaching them leaves a lasting impact.

“I just love the spunk, they also have a lot of personality and lots of spunk. There’s a lot of stories to tell. Its just good to get to know what’s going on in their life and how to make what were teaching in the classroom relevant to them. I just want there to be that connection. I want there to be a long time memorable moment, that whatever they do in the classroom is memorable but also something they can build upon and remember in the future,” said Griffin.

He received a $250 gift card sponsored by Pioneer, which he says he plans to spend on his students.

“Probably education, for the kids. Its good to give back to them,” said Griffin.

Chloe says he has left a lasting impact as a positive role model in her life.

“He really shows us the right directions and paths to take regardless of the ending and knowing what’s there.” said Grissam.