Tales of the West of the Pecos Museum


Pecos, TEXAS (ABC Big 2/FOX 24) – Part of the West of the Pecos Museum is the Number 11 Saloon, built in 1896. The room has maintained the same character, including the bullet holes from the original patrons. Which begs the question:

“Do you ever see ghosts? Do you ever see things? Do you ever hear things?,” asks West of the Pecos Museum Executive Director Dorinda Millan.

It’s a fair question. The saloon has two plaques that show were people were killed back in the day.

Millan says she has seen things she can’t explain, like the animated figure in the likeness of the saloon’s first bartender, moving without reason.

“Jess our bartender over here starts talking. He’s motion activated. You have to pass a certain point before he speaks so I’ll get up in the hallway, like ‘Jess really?’…..I don ‘t know what activates it. He’ll start talking and nobody is in here,” ” says Millan.

A few ghost finders came to the museum years ago, but didn’t pick up anything on their gear.
But the one place that did show up on gauges?

“It was a lot of activity. Something might have happened back in the railroad room, which at that time was probably the loading area for the liquor, ” says Millan.

Millan say one day a mom and daughter took a tour of the museum, and the daughter asked if a man died here, not knowing the details. Millan says the girl realized she felt the presence of this man.

“It was like giving her order of what not to do. She said it was strange, he was like welcoming, like thanks for coming, But you’re not supposed to be touching anything,” says Millan.

But that’s not the only part of the museum that has a chilling story. Part of the museum was a hotel built in 1904. Some visitors say that as they’ve walked down this hall, they’ve seen shadows that they couldn’t quite explain.

“They’ll be looking at an exhibit here, and they see like somebody passing by and they’ll know they were the only ones up on that second or third floor. They will look around, see who was there, and they find no one, ” says Millan.

Millan says she’s used to the odd noises, like footsteps in other rooms when she’s the only one there. The Executive Director says some visitors have reported smelling an older style ladies’ perfume next to them, even when nobody else was around. People regularly ask her questions she can’t quite answer.

“Who was there at 2 o’clock in the morning, because the lights are going on and off…I don’t know. It’s one of those things, ” says Millan.

Millan says she think these incidents could be spirits, but that she hopes it doesn’t deter anybody from seeing all that the museum can teach.

“They’re welcoming you. They’re taking care of our history as I am–not that I’m a ghost yet but anyways, if they’re here, it’s good spirits, not bad spirits,” Millan.

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