MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Talented rescue dogs are putting their paws, tongues, and snouts to good use creating original works of art or “pawtraits” to help raise funds for the non-profit rescue organization that saved their lives, Midland Humane Coalition. These dogs also want to show the world that homeless and abandoned stray cats and dogs have a lot to offer — love, joy, unlimited cuteness and, in this case, extraordinary talent – and they deserve a second chance. 

“PAWTRAITS BY MHC RESCUES”, an online art auction, was hatched as an idea to showcase dogs who have been in MHC’s care for a longer time than average. 

“Between 25-56 days is the average time we have cats & dogs in MHC’s care until they get adopted. Of course, there are special cases who need a bit more time than others. Usually, bigger and older dogs of certain breeds often tend to get overlooked. Sometimes all they need is a bit more time to find the most suitable forever home. We never give up on any of our rescues,” according to Vanessa Medina, MHC’s Director. 

“MHC is a no-kill shelter, and our goal is to find our rescues a forever home no matter how long it takes,” added Medina. “One of our longest cases was a Pitbull mix who stayed with us for 2 years and 2 months (818 days) before finally getting adopted when she was 5 years old. Cami, now 7, is still happily in her forever home now with a few other MHC rescues. It makes the long wait worthwhile.”

Medina came up with the idea for an art auction while looking for a fun and creative way to raise funds for rescue operations, as well as get more recognition for a handful of dogs who have been longer-term residents at The Mabee Animal Rescue Center.

“PAWTRAITS BY MHC RESCUES” is an online art auction that features original works of art lovingly created by 4-legged artists with assistance from MHC staff and some peanut butter and treats. Together, they worked on employing various techniques to create stylish and visually appealing pieces. 

“It’s a fun way to promote adoptable pets and raise funds at the same time,” said Medina. “Our staff had fun with this and even want to keep some paintings themselves! Of course, the dogs also enjoyed the process.”

All funds raised from this online art auction will be used to help MHC save more cats & dogs and find them forever homes. The online auction begins September 11 and runs until the 17th during National Arts in Education Week.