ICYMI: Sweet Pecos melons; meet the brothers behind the nationally recognized fruit


PECOS, Texas (Nexstar)- For the Mandujano brothers, farming is a family business. 

One that has been around for decades.

And the famous Pecos sweet melons have achieved national recognition. 

“We’ve been farming, my brother has been farming since ’97. Mandujano Brothers since 1997 and I came in 2000 so I guess we’ve been here, I’ve been here 20 years, 21 years, with the company 23 I guess.”

The brothers grow their famous Pecos cantaloupes, acres and acres of watermelon, onions, as well as a Halloween favorite, pumpkins. 

The farm hosts a pumpkin patch every year, where patrons can cut their favorite one right off the vine. 

“The kids come out they get their pumpkin and as soon as they see that pumpkin, they get attached to it. They got it, it’s their pumpkin, they looked for it, they cut it off the vine.”

Thanks to modern technology, even dry years like this one don’t hold the farmers back. 

“It’s been dry this year but we, we have underground water so we pump everything out and we got drip irrigation so everything is water underneath right here, and you can see it’s nice and moist on the bottom, there’s some moisture there so we don’t fire irrigate anything, everything is 100% drip on the cantaloupe and watermelon.”

Workers at the family run farm say their customers are the key to their success. 

The customers that we’ve got, we’ve got some customers that we’ve had for 20 years or more that I remember. But it’s just, without the customers and our work hands out here, this wouldn’t be possible.”

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