Suspected Midland County shooter still on the run


MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar) – Sunday night alleged shooter Kevin Martinez shot and killed 3 people in Midland.

Families and friends across social media are mourning the loss of Midlanders, 23-year-old James Davidson, 29-year-old Walter Ayala, and 35-year-old Gilberto Tapia-Lopez.

Friends of the victims say that the suspect Kevin Martinez was a familiar face and they never expected this type of behavior from someone they knew.

One friend that did not want their identity revealed says that Martinez was a former co-worker of one of the victims.

They told us quote “there was a fight at the bar it was unrelated to them there was just a fight so they decided to leave and drink at home” and “Kevin was his coworker and I don’t know why he did it”.

This investigation is still ongoing. Midland County Police asks that you contact the Sheriff’s Office at 432-688-4600 or Midland Crime Stoppers at 432-694-TIPS if you have any information on the suspect’s whereabouts.

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