ECSO asking other victims to come forward

ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- An Odessa man who was arrested late last week on suspicion of kidnapping multiple women outside of local game rooms is now facing two additional charges. Javier Martinez Arias, 37, in addition to facing one count of Aggravated Kidnapping Causing Injuries and one count of Aggravated Kidnapping, has now been charged with another count of Aggravated Kidnapping Causing Injuries and one count of Aggravated Sexual Assault. 

According to jail records, the newest charges stem from an incident that happened on July 11. We have requested the affidavits for the additional charges and will update as those details become available.

Arias was arrested July 21 after two women came forward and said Arias had approached them on separate occasions and had taken them to remote locations where he preceded to assault them. During one of those attacks, an oil field worker came upon the scene and asked Arias what he was doing, that is when the victim screamed for help and Arias fled.

However, the oil field worker remembered a partial license plate number and within a day, authorities had located his white Chevrolet Tahoe and he was taken into custody.

“(Arias) Pulled this lady from his car and just threw her out in the bushes and took off. Thankfully, thankfully, this oil field worker was able to give a description of the vehicle and a car tag number,” said Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis in an interview Monday. “And thankfully…I mean, (he) potentially saved this young lady’s life. We don’t know. We don’t know what this guy…what his capabilities are or anything else. But it’s very, very possible he may have saved her life.”

Griffis said ECSO believes, because of the length of time between the first two reported assaults, there may be more victims out there. Now ECSO is asking for other potential victims to come forward. 

“We sure think that there’s some young ladies out there that didn’t report this incident for one reason or another. And we hope that they see this on the news and will go ahead and come forward and let’s stack these charges up on this guy. Make sure he never gets out of jail.”

As of Monday afternoon, Arias remained behind bars on a combined $4,000,000 bond.