BIG SPRING, Texas (Nexstar) – According to the Big Spring Police Department, officers were called to the crash at around 11 at night, June 2019.

Gary Miers Jr. was leaving a convenience store when police say he was hit by a vehicle. Police and other Emergency Responders were sent to the store, but by the time they got there, it was too late.

Kiara Rain, the daughter of Miers tells us that she doesn’t feel a sense of justice in the sentencing.
she says:

“They took a father, a brother they took something precious to my family and I. They view him as nothing is how I feel. These kids get to run around like no care in the world.. I can’t just call my dad anymore, my kids don’t get to visit GPA (grandpa) anymore … we deserved a lot more closure!”

Investigators said Dakota Backes and Mackenzie Powell were involved in the 3 -vehicle crash and that this week they pleaded guilty to Racing causing serious bodily injury or death, receiving probation.