MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Locals are coming together to save a stray dog after he was shot and left for dead.

People with the Permian Basin Animal Advocates were heart broken when they found sweet little Hughie.

He was a stray dog in Odessa, and when they took him to the vet for an x-ray, doctors found 18 pellets from a pellet gun throughout his body, now they need help with his recovery.

Kelsey Kuhrt with Permian Basin Animal Advocates said her heart was absolutely shattered when she found young Hughie last week.

“Of course, number one, we weren’t expecting it so as soon as everyone saw the x-rays just kind of, gasped,” said Kuhrt.

Neighbors in the area helped feed Hughie for quite some time but then posted about him on Facebook after his health started to decline.

“They ended up posting him because they realized that it looked like he started going blind and they noticed that there was a pack of dogs that was attacking him,” Kuhrt added.

Kelsey said a foster parent picked up Hughie and took him to the vet, where doctors found the pellets still in his body.

The pellets were too deep to take them out, or they would cause more damage that had already been done.

Kuhrt added, “That’s when she was like ‘oh clearly he’s been shot’, let’s see if that’s what’s going on, why he’s lost vision in his right eye, and sure enough yeah that was the case on pretty much everything that’s wrong with him, is caused by being shot.”

Kuhrt said the rescue has seen dogs come in with the same wounds but not to this degree.

“It’s dogs that we’ve later found out were attacking livestock or going after chickens or chasing kids or something like that, but he’s just the sweetest dog,” emphasized Kuhrt.

The rescue has worked to raise money to pay for vet bills and find a good home for Hughie

Kuhrt said the outpour of support is beyond incredible

“More so just kind of wanted to post to let everyone know his story and hopefully get him a home so the additional donations were just blown away by how many people felt touched by his story,” said a grateful Kuhrt.

If you’d like to donate to help Hughie or help other animals a part of the Permian Basin Animal Advocates check out their Facebook page, you can find all the ways to help their rescue and other rescues in the West Texas area.