MIDLAND, Texas —

A women who wants to only be identified as Julia says she’s learned the hard way to never leave her phone unattended again. Last Thursday, Julia says she was working her normal shift at her family’s restaurant, “Monterrey Cocina Mexicana” in Midland when police say her phone was stolen by a women named Glenda Wilson. Surveillance video shows Wilson enter the restaurant and notice the phone sitting on the counter, she then proceeds to place it inside of her purse and walk out the door. Police say Wilson, in a turn of events, went back into the restaurant soon after to apply for a job.

After later realizing what happened, Julia’s sister-in-law Christina was able to quickly track her phone and locate it to a house nearby. She was then able to retrieve the phone after speaking with police and providing Julia’s login credentials for verification.

While police searched Wilson’s vehicle for the missing phone, drug paraphernalia was also found and a background check helped police learn that Wilson already had outstanding warrants for mail theft. Wilson was charged with theft and taken into custody but has since bonded out.

Julia wants to make sure that this case doesn’t happen again and that other businesses are practicing safe measures as well. She wanted to reiterate the fact that it is important to always make sure your personal belongings are secure and to never feel too comfortable about any person or situation.