AUSTIN, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – West Texas State Rep. Brooks Landgraf says he gets more complaints from his constituents about the STAAR exam than any other aspect of the Lone Star State’s education system. And that’s why he’s filed House Bill 1267 which he says would scrap the STAAR test and give more control to local teachers when it comes to testing.

“We’ve got a system set up where we’re forcing teachers all across the state of Texas to teach to a test that presumes that all students across the state are the same and that they learn in the same way. That’s just not true. If we’re going to have a testing environment, I want it to reflect the reality that our students and teachers are facing and do it in a cost-effective way,” said Rep. Landgraf.

Rep. Landgraf says if passed, House Bill 1267 would get rid of STAAR tests and allow Texas teachers to replace the exam with localized testing material which he believes would be less confusing and more relevant to young Texans.

And he’s not the only one who believes STAAR needs a major overhaul. ECISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri says that he and many West Texas parents would like to see some major changes.

“Really, (it’s) the stress and the pressure and the anxiety that it creates in children. That’s the biggest concern we hear from moms and dads. Their kids are nervous before the test, sleepless nights, don’t eat breakfast, all of that,” said Dr. Muri.

Dr. Muri also says that he supports the push to scrap or significantly change the STAAR exam because he believes it keeps Texas education focused on a single test rather than the big picture.

“We’re hoping to see some significant changes in our accountability system because today, that test is the only measure of success for kids in elementary and middle school and the only measure for elementary schools as well as middle schools. And to be able to think holistically about children and schools would be better,” said Dr. Muri.