State Rep. Brooks Landgraf to introduce legislation that would repeal the "Robin Hood Plan"

ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) - It's been in place for a quarter of a century, and it's named after a story hundreds of years old. However in West Texas, one lawmaker isn't too sure the Robin Hood Plan is all good. That's why for this legislative session, he's hoping to get it repealed.

"I think the time for Robin Hood, has come and gone," says State Representative Brooks Landgraf. "Robin Hood especially here in the Permian Basin, it hurts students, it hurts teachers and it hurts taxpayers."

The Robin Hood Plan is where rich school districts across Texas have to send money back to the state. It's then re-distributed. Here in the Basin, districts like Andrews ISD have to give money back.

"Just our district alone, from 93 to just last year has paid almost $350 million in recapture," says Andrews ISD superintendent Dr. Bobby Azam. "I don't think anybody would have $350 million taken from them and not think that its bad."

Both Azam and Landgraf argue this money could be used in more productive ways. Like benefiting the district around them instead of other places in Texas.

"That money is needed to hire teachers. That money is needed to give teachers raises so that they can have competitive salaries so they can afford to live in the Permian Basin where there is a housing shortage," says Landgraf.


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