Texas Republicans Make Historic Change for Convention

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The Republican Party of Texas wants to show people it is not just a party of all white men in suits; a stereotype that has proven difficult for the GOP to shake.
“Our party needs to look like Texas and I want our convention to look like Texas,” said Tom Mechler.
The Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Mechler will call the convention to order in Dallas May 12, and this year he said the convention will look very different.
For the first time in the convention’s nearly 150-year history, a Hispanic woman will run the Platform and Resolutions Committee.
“That’s never been done before,” Mechler said.
Three of the six convention committees will be chaired by members of minority communities— all three are women.  
Mechler said, “We will have a Black woman that will chair the Organization Committee and Credentials will be chaired by an Asian woman.”
Angie Flores Granado of Corpus Christi will run the Platform and Resolutions Committee, Houston-native, Martha Wong will chair the Credentials Committee, and Gale Sayers of Bexar County will chair the Organization Committee.
A fourth committee will the led by 25-year-old Will Robbins, the youngest person to be named chairman at the state’s convention.
Mechler said Texas Democrats should be scared to see the party’s new lineup.
The Deputy Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Texas, Manny Garcia laughed when asked if he was “scared.”
Garcia said, “The Republican Party can talk all it wants about trying diversify, but the reality is within their platform, their values and within their actions.  They are outright hostile to Texas’ diverse new majority.”
Texas is majority minority state, and in 2019 the majority of the voting age population will be minorities.
“The Republican Party will transform into being a reflecting of our state or the Republicans will begin to lose statewide,” Mechler said.
He claimed the Democrats have taken minority voters for granted and done nothing but “lip service.”
Garcia said the actions of the Republican Party speak louder than the appointment announcement.
“When Donald Trump rises to fame within the Republican Party by attacking Mexican immigrants they are pushing the Latino community, away and no appointment by a state party person is going to make up for that fact—they are actively pushing us away,” said Garcia.
Nearly 9,000 delegates and several thousand alternates are expected to attend the Republican Convention in Texas, making it one of the largest political conventions in the free world.
The Democratic State Convention will be held in San Antonio in June.

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