Stanton family of 5 takes shelter in Midland after home damaged


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – The Bacon family is trying their hardest to roll with the punches.

The road to taking shelter in Midland wasn’t easy.

“We went sliding into the oncoming traffic lane and thank God no one was coming,” said Brent Bacon.

“We prayed the whole time,” said Jenai Bacon.

The Bacon family left Stanton last week. The family of five packed their bags after learning of rolling blackouts. It was important to them to find a place in town with heat and power for the three kids – especially for 13-year-old Calista Bacon.

Calista has muscular dystrophy and severe autism. Using points racked up from Calista’s medical visits to Houston, Jenai was able to afford several nights in Midland at a hotel.

“[Calista] didn’t understand what was going on,” Jenai said.

The change hasn’t been easy for Calista. Even worse, Jenai and Brent Bacon returned to their home in Stanton, only to find it had been damaged by ice.

“We already knew there was slight roof damage, but this was the cake,” Brent said.

The ice and snow froze their pipes, left water damage on the ceiling of Calista’s room, caused stress cracks on the roof, and left shingles broken.

“It’s going to take another couple of days for everything to thaw out,” Brent said.

The Bacon family still has medical bills to pay.

The road ahead is a long one. But at least, it’s one all five family members plan on taking together.

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