Standoff on Fall Avenue

“I looked through the window and I see there was a SWAT team and she said be quiet, they’ll go away. I said no they’ll not go away! That’s a SWAT team!” That’s how one man started his Thursday. After waking up to cop cars outside his home, and an accused shooter, his own cousin, inside his home. Authorities say the suspect had just opened fire miles away. Aiming at her own great-grandmother.
“She advised that her great grand-daughter had come over to her residents at the 1400 South Allegheny and they got into some kind of domestic dispute,” says Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department. Reports show the armed woman, Kimberly Nieto, then moved to another family members house before police could arrive. That’s when the family member who wished to remain anonymous made the decision to leave.
Nieto surrendered to police shortly after. There we’re three young children in the house at the time. The family member tells us she has been in previous legal trouble for not taking her kids to school and he couldn’t imagine something like this ever happening.

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