St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protestors speak at Overland Park rally


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. –Hundreds of people from across the state attended the Support the Blue rally on Saturday afternoon.

It was held in a parking lot at 119th and Metcalf in Overland Park Kansas.

Mike and Patricia McCloskey, from St. Louis, and apart of President Trump’s campaign team visited the rally on Saturday as guest speakers.

“I spent 20 minutes on the phone with the President of the United States and it felt like I had known him my whole life,” Mike McCloskey, a Trump supporter said.  

“We spent last week in Pennsylvania on the team Trump bus campaigning for the president we are going to be campaigning for the president throughout the country between now and the election in Texas and Arizona and Florida and Pennsylvania again,”

The McCloskeys made national news after they came outside with guns drawn as protestors were outside their Central West End home in late June.

According to Mark, they have been charged with evidence tampering, and brandishing a gun. But Mark says the Governor of Missouri has promised to pardon them. 

“We got formally indicted (Saturday)… we came home for dinner last night and on the front porch was the formal charges mailed to us by the city for felonies of brandishing weapons and tampering with evidence which is just the craziest thing we’ve heard of,” Mike said.

Mark says that his family is in for a long legal battle, adding “the governor has promised to pardon us but we have to actually get convicted, go through the whole process. Go through trial get convicted before he can do it, and so this is going to be a long and expensive process.”

Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden says events like this help balance out all of the criticisms. 

“We’re getting beat up a little bit. And it does, it affects our morale a little bit but, we also understand our mission and who we work for and as sheriff I’m everybody’s share,” Calvin Hayden of Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, said.

Jina Pope, the co-foundeder of the event says all proceeds from today’s event will help feed officers. 

“So far we have fed 936 officers and we are feeding them all today, and military as well,” Pope said.

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