ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Speech pathologists around the country are getting creative when it comes to working from home and pathologists in Texas are no exception.

Meredith McClain, a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist at MCH said, “I think our services are really important to provide to those people so that they have the same chance to of getting back to their normal life everybody is deserving of care even in the middle of a pandemic.”

“Accessing their curriculum, keeping their parents helping them where they might need help, and keeping their development going during this time,” said Leanne Sherred MS, CCLP who is the president and founder of the online speech service ‘Expressible.’

Sherred is using to her platform to help people for free with an educational hotline.

“Families who receive help in a different setting such as a school sometimes don’t always have 100% of the knowledge of what those services look like or how to work with their kids on certain things at home and keep that development going. We thought that the educational hotline could be a good way to give them a few quick tips, resources if they’re in need for things to go to and how to keep that development going,” Sherred said.

She says, this can’t replace the services they were getting before but it will help families and kids exercise their skills doing quarantine. The site also has free consultations with speech pathologists and additional options to buy services along with the free hotline.

While Sherred focuses on students, McClain and the staff at MCH focus on patients dealing with trauma.

While they are still working at the hospital, their day to day routine is a little different.

“I actually feel very lucky to be able to continue to work and to provide those services. Like I said before, these are things like stroke, and traumas, car accidents, even though people aren’t out they still happen. People will be very nervous they have a new person coming in, they’re all gowned up, trying to figure out what’s wrong with them,” said McClain.