Local family concerned for their safety after trailer break-in


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Ada Castillo and Lauren Fletcher have lived on Oliver Avenue for more than 30 years and their and safety has never been a concern up until a recent break-in.

Monday night their trailer was broken into. The sisters say they heard a car pull up outside their home and went to check it out.

The sisters told us that they were devastated that their home could’ve been stolen had they not stepped in and prevented the suspects from running off with their trailer.

“They can just hook up so easily to somebody’s trailer and take everything they own,” says Lauren Fletcher.

A few years ago a fire on their property already left the family with little to no personal belongings and someone trying to steal their trailer would have left them with nothing.

“If they would’ve actually got away with what they came over here to accomplish and take the trailer, everything in there that’s dear to us would be gone,” says Ada Castillo

Both sisters told us that having a neighborhood watch could prevent this type of crime from happening again.

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