Sheriff Painter on Clown Trend: ‘They May Get Shot’

SHERIFF PAINTER PHOTO_1475601383894.jpg

Midland county Sheriff Gary Painter has responded to recent reports of suspicious clown sightings across the Permian Basin

“Just some fool walking around in a mask? They may get shot,” Painter says.

Painter spoke with Local 2/Fox 24 about the risk walking around as a clown in a suspicious way nowadays due to the way people may react.

“If (the clowns) scare people enough to put people in fear, there could be some retaliation or physical activity. ” Painter says.

Both the Midland Police Department and the Odessa Police Department confirmed they they each responded to clown sightings this week. Odessa says one person dressed as a clown was reportedly carrying a machete, according to Cpl. Steve LeSueur. LeSueur says dressing as a clown is not illegal, but any reported suspicious activity will be investigated.

Painter adds: “I think it’s a foolish thing.”

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