Severe flooding in Midland County


MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar)- People who live in the Basin are frustrated after some recent flooding.

It’s a big problem people living in the flood are devastated.

“People staying at other peoples family houses and friends houses. I am actually one of the lucky few. I stay in the back and because there is two wells.. I actually still have water and electricity. However, the water is all the way up to my truck so I have to wear this suit to get to my trailer,” Rocky Campos said.

Campo says the people who live there have no running water and no electricity because of the flooding.

Among those flooded out are Campos grandparents.

“My grandma and grandpa are back there. They use actual inflatable boats and they paddle their way to the car,” Campos said.

Neighbors in the area tell us a local representative was stunned to see the amount of water and agreed to help. Still, they say the damage to their properties is irreversible.

“There’s going to be rocks… you see all the cracks on the foundation… and all that water is stepped in. There’s going to be mold, its not going to be liveable and we have small children,” Campos said.

Neighbor Sam Covington said he is worried that this flood is not related to the rain.

“The truth is that the ratio of water flowing through that property versus the water that came out of the sky, that’s what’s unprecedented. The water is flowing from somewhere it doesn’t belong, ” Covington said.

Now the community is left having to deal with fish in the water, algae, and even dead animals.

“My hope is that they will fix the problem that they made here in this intersection of cotton flat and county road 120 and lower it so that water can flow properly,” Covington said.

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