Several vehicle break-ins overnight in Odessa


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Early Saturday morning, a number of vehicles were broken into in Odessa. Money and other valuables were taken from these unlocked vehicles.

Odessa homeowner, Walter Bartholf woke up early on Saturday because of an asthma attack.

“I know I left my inhaler in my car,” said Bartholf.

“I go out to go grab it because I know where it’s at, and I notice my bag had been tossed thrown everything out of it, missing a few things.”

Walter says he lost Nintendo games, game controllers and his gun.

Like many others on Springbrook Drive, his car was unlocked.

Surveillance footage from a house nearby shows two thieves entering different unlocked vehicles parked in driveways.

Bartholf says having his property stolen was a tough pill to swallow.

“I take care of my equipment. I take care of my stuff. I worked hard for that,” said Bartholf.

“It took me a year and a half to get the money together doing side jobs for that glock and all my hard work is gone.”

On Springbrook between Englewood and Tanglewood, multiple vehicles were broken into Saturday morning in the hours before 6:00 A.M. Unfortunately it’s not the first time vehicle theft has hit the area.

Zach Evans only lives a couple streets away from Walter, and says he faces attempted theft about once a month outside of his home.

“Went to go look through our car. She got in the car, my wife noticed her wallet was missing,” said Evans.

“Then we started going through the car to figure out what else is missing. We noticed her cell phone was gone, wallet, stuff like that.”

The thefts have caused Evans and his family to be more careful with their finances.

“It hurts with the bills and stuff like that especially groceries and car payments, house payments stuff like that,” said Evans

“It makes it a little more difficult. It makes you have to watch your money a little bit better. Makes you be a little more cautious, not so trusting.”

Odessa Police have confirmed the break-ins, but have no further details to share at this time.

If you know anything about the break ins, give a call to police.

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