MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – It’s the 7th annual Casa de Amigos Festival of Trees event. Five struggling families will get a Christmas tree for the holiday.

Recently, Casa de Amigos had its Christmas tree lighting event at the Centennial Library in Midland. Now, five families get to go home with a tree.

“This is going to be a lot of fun for a family to enjoy … just because it is homemade by seniors 65 to 95 all of these are individually handmade,” said Executive Director of Casa de Amigos Tonya Eckert.

As you walk into Centennial Library, you can’t help but notice, not one, not two, but seven decorated Christmas trees. Five of the trees will go to struggling families.

“A lot of times you can make sure that your kiddos have toys, and those kinds of needs are met, but having a tree and being able to experience the traditions of Christmas is sometimes a little more difficult,” said Eckert.

Eckert said Casa de Amigos partners every year with the library for their Festival of Trees event. The organization is a nonprofit that improves the community by helping people help themselves.

“The clients that we have work very hard to become self-sufficient to get some sort of education,” shared Eckert. “They strive for independence and what to provide for their families and this is such a wonderful opportunity for them to have something a little special.”

She said the trees are donated to families who work with the organization based on their need.

“A lot of times they will just ask or talk to us what their needs are to make sure that their children are feeling the joys of the holidays and have a great time over the Christmas holidays,” shared Eckert. “I will tell you that the needs changed for families during the pandemic and hopefully we are starting to work through that a little bit.”

She said it served more families last year than previous years because of the pandemic. The hope is that these trees will bring some normalcy to people’s lives during the holidays.

The Christmas trees will be given to the families Tuesday, December 14 at the Centennial Library. Two small trees that were also donated will go to two seniors.

If you would like to learn more or donate trees, reach out to Casa de Amigos.