ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The Ector County Fair and Expo is in full swing and is packed with music and games and lights and yummy smells, but, for people with sensory issues, the fair can be an intimidating place. This year, fair organizers partnered with Superior Health to make the experience a little more inviting for people with special needs.

On Wednesday, the fairgrounds looked- and sounded- a little different than usual. The music was turned down, there were no live performances, the flashing lights were powered off for a few hours, and people with special needs were excited to experience a fair catered specifically for them.

“Our first ever sensory friendly day. So, we are allowing those with sensory processing disorder needs to come in between four and seven for free. And so, as they come in, we’ve got…special sensory toys that they can pick up…so they can come in and enjoy the fair with the light and the music down low a little bit lower…So they can enjoy the festivities as any other person. We’ve had a huge success,” said Sara Hinshaw, Community Wellness Project Director.

“We have a whole group of people that that aren’t able to enjoy that (the fair). We want to be inclusive to our whole community. And this is just one more outlet to be inclusive of that population,” said Andrea Cruce of Superior Health.