Seliger Files Bills Aimed at Tuition

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Senator Kel Seliger filed three bills on Thursday both of which are meant to address tuition cost at public schools in Texas. 

According to a release from the senators office, Seliger filed SB 18 and SB 19 Thursday afternoon. 

SB 18 called for the elimination of a state mandate requiring higher education entities to set aside portions of one students tuition for another student, according to the release. 

SB 19 calls for a freeze of tuition and fees statewide at Texas public higher education institutions for the next four years. 

Finally, SB 543 called for institutions to meet certain criteria before they can increase tuition. 

“The set aside discussion is just a small portion of the bigger discussion around the cost of higher education, said Seliger in a statement. “The focus should be on how to make higher education more accessible and affordable, rather than how to get the state, and students, to pay more.
“Tuition relief and predictability is necessary for Texas students and families.  SB 19 provides much needed stability for those planning to attend or attending college. Together with SB 543, we will have the opportunity to implement a long-term tuition reform solution which holds institutions accountable and ensures they remain accessible and affordable.”
Lt. Gove. Dan Patrick praised the legislation proposed by Seliger on Thursday. 
“Senate Bills 18 and 19 are critical to ensure higher education tuition and fees do not continue to outpace what hardworking Texans earn. Making college more affordable for all Texans continues to be one of my top priorities this Legislative Session. I commend Sen. Seliger for filing these two bills that will help bring economic relief to students who pursue higher education.”

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