MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland Police Department is working to make sure you know what to do, before you become a victim. Sometimes expecting the unexpected can be vital to ones safety, and the police are doing what they can to make sure people feel safe.

Some police departments, including the Midland Police department, and local businesses are trying to make others aware of the importance of self defense.

The program that has been in effect at the police department is called R.A.D., Rape Aggression Defense, and it is a program that has been created in areas all over the country and in other countries around the world, to teach people all about self defense.

Officer Chane Blandford with the Midland Police Department says, “They’ve instructed or taught over 900,000 females, across the US and in other parts of the globe, so it’s a really good system that we utilize.”

Officer Blandford says this program is very important for women for many reasons, and goes on to say, “You know that she has the confidence and the capabilities, of protecting herself, being self aware of what’s going on in her surroundings and that if god forbid anything does happen, she’s equipped with the knowledge and skill to handle herself.”

Even though the program had been paused because of COVID-19, the Midland Police say the R.A.D. program is looking to start.

Officer Blandford strongly suggests looking into a program like this one, not only for your own safety of others as well.

“You might not think it will occur to you, but it might occur to somebody that you’re around. And it would be great for you to be able to help out others if they don’t have the same knowledge that you do,” adds Blandford.

Now others in the community are jumping at the opportunity to help, including one local woman who is making items, like pepper spray and alarms, that help others feel more secure.

Destiny Flores, founder of the clothing and accessories line Stilettos and Roses, says she created the self defense items to protect the women of her community and make them comfortable in their own areas.

“I want women to feel safe when they go out, not scared having to look behind them each time, having to watch each aisle when they go down because they’re scared someone is following them, and with that, I hope they’ll feel safer and at ease,” adds Flores.

Flores started her company after experiencing her own traumatizing times, and thought no one else should have to experience the same thing.

“Well, I had a bad experience back in my past, stalking, bad relationships, basically that, I’ve been put in circumstances that these could have helped me save myself from that situation. Even if it’s just to stick in your car, just to leave it there, I feel like it’s very important, it makes you feel safer, it makes your family members feel safer, that yeah they have something just in case they need something,” says Flores.

The police department is looking to have these classes back up and running very soon. We will keep you updated as soon as we find out more information.