ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – If you’re still looking for last minute Christmas gifts… It might be too late to order online.

Grabbing a gift in person may be your best bet.

Music City Mall has even extended its hours this week in anticipation for these last minute gift shoppers. For those who can’t get a gift delivered in time, the clock is ticking.

Christmas week is here which means anyone who still needs a gift in time for the holiday will have to shop in person.

“We very much still have a shopper who wants to look, see, feel, touch it before they buy it,” said Music City General Manager Greg Morgan.

“This year we’ve seen a big uptick in it though because a lot of folks are nervous about not being able to get their package delivered, things like that. So there’s been a big demand for in-person shopping at the mall this year.”

In-person interactions also give mall vendors a chance to connect with customers that wouldn’t have seen them otherwise.

That’s especially true for smaller businesses who are looking to draw in customers.

“Every customer that stops in here, I’m not just talking about the product. I completely demonstrate to them,” said Liraz Maymon of Dead Sea Spa and Hair Straighteners.

“They try all the products for the body for the face. So you feel the product, we’re not just talking about it.”

Morgan says he’s seen more people out shopping this year than last.. He also believes more people are getting comfortable going out in person since the pandemic began.

“We’re running almost double what we were last year. Of course Covid had a big role and last year we could only go to 50 percent capacity in some cases,” said Morgan.

“This year it’s nice to see everything back to normal and everyone enjoying themselves.”

If you want to get to Music City Mall before Christmas, the extended hours each day are from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

The deadline is 6 P.M. on Christmas Eve and the mall will be closed on Christmas day.