ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Winter is on it’s way and for West Texans that can mean, bloody noses, cracked knuckles and even acne flare-ups. A local Dermatologist has skin care tips for the upcoming winter days in the Permian Basin.

Dermatologist at Chappell Rosso Dermatology and Laser & Aesthetic Center of the Permian Basin, Ritchie Rosso Jr., M.D. says winter is around the corner and it is necessary to take the necessary precautions to combat your dry skin.

“Well this time of year we absolutely see an increase in dry skin and there a couple different reasons for that,” Dr. Rosso said.

There are certain skin care practices that you should follow year-round but once chilling temperatures arrive people are forces to switch things up.

“When the skin gets dry we run into all kinds of problems number one just cosmetically no one likes dry skin it looks funny everyone wants to avoid the look of it,” says Dr. Rosso. But also itchy when the skin gets dry.

Winter air is both dry inside and out because of the season’s lower humidity levels in West Texas and Dermatologist Dr. Rosso has tips on how to take care your skin ad the winter days arrive in the Permian Basin.

“Other thing that we do in the winter is take hot showers and we’re around heat sources like fireplaces and things like that all of that also ends up robbing the skin of oil that’s naturally there to moisturize us,” Dr. Rosso said.

The start of preventing dry skin is adjusting your bathing time and temperature.  

“Shorten those hot showers,” Dr. Rosso said. “Lukewarm showers 8-10 minuets or so are better than a 20 minute steamy showers this time of year.

Following your bath is the application of skincare products to your skin.

“Apply good moisturizer pretty soon after you bathe every day,” say Dr. Rosso. We actually like a little bit of water still on the skin when that goes on and we prefer creams and ointments compared to lotions the cream and ointments tend to give a little bit of a barrier to lock in that moisture.

As a dermatologist he understands the embarrassment of ashy hands and knuckles during the winter season and his number one advice to combating that is moisturizing.

“We want a moisturizer pretty soon after they are washed and of course during COVID we are washing our hands more,” Dr. Rosso said. A good cream or ointment right after washing is what we recommend for the hands and that can be reapplied really up to as much a day.

And lips are just as important to keep moisturized.

“Lips are a sensitive area, Dr. Rosso said. We actually recommend very plain lip products we don’t like the stuff that’s got the fragrance in it, we don’t like the stuff that’s got the menthol in it we like plain petrolatum products or something similar very simple and we just need it multiple times a day because obviously product wears down quickly on the lip.

Skin is the body’s largest organ so we need to protect it and Dr. Rosso says it can lead to head to health risks such as infections and increase in allergy.

“Especially in the winter we really recommend a hypoallergenic moisturizer,” said Dr. Rosso. It’s fun to get the stuff that has the fragrance in it, it smells good everyone loves that but in reality that fragrance can be an allergen and can cause more itching and more dry skin if you react to it so we really like the plain products.

The winter solstice begins Tuesday, December 21st this year and ends Sunday, March 20th, 2022.