Second amendment sanctuary


New Mexico governor, Michelle Grisham, filed multiple gun laws this legislative session, and many residents are now voicing their concerns. This controversy prompting Lea County Commissioners to unanimously vote today in making their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

“I was angry. I’m still angry about it,” said long-time resident of Lea County, Dale Williams. He says the newly filed legislation for gun laws hit the county hard. “All it’s doing is disarming law-abiding citizens who have every right to protect themselves and their property.”

Sheriff Corey Helton says these laws are not reasonable for rural areas like Lea County like they are for urban areas. He says making Lea County a Second Amendment Sanctuary would mean its local authorities will not enforce the proposed tougher gun laws

“This is a grassroots effort, it’s symbolic, it’s showing the unity across different counties in the state,” said Sheriff Helton.

And while some may believe this is just another political divide, Republican State Party Chairman, Steve Pearce, says he is seeing more bipartisan effort than ever.

“Some that voted 85% Democratic in the last election are supporting this. Only three counties, excuse me only four counties, have not joined on board. And they’re getting pressured in their commissions to join. These are not politicians, they’re just people who are out to give their voice. They want to be heard on the Second Amendment.”

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