STANTON, Texas — A Stanton man is looking for some answers after he says his semi truck has been stolen.

Felix Mills, the owner of the stolen semi truck, says he’s searching and will continue to be on the hunt. He says, “This is the only substantial stuff I’ve ever had stolen, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff, ever.”

Mills says he’s never had a truck of this value stolen before, but now in the last week, he has had three separate instances, all in different states.

“I had a trailer with a mix system on it, stolen in Jonesborough, Arkansas, that same night, and then one of my subcontractors had a trailer stolen from him in Louisiana, the previous week,” says Mills.

After reaching out to the public on his Facebook and other groups, and on top of that setting a reward of $10,000 for the semi-trucks return, Mills was shocked at the response he’s received. He notices how many others have had similar experiences.

“I just typed in stolen semis Texas and there’s a page for that. There’s a lot of people that have had similar instances, pretty regularly. and the sheriff deputy from Midland said that this happens everyday down there,” adds Mills.

He says that he’s done all that he really can, and is devastated by the incident.

Mills says, “Nothing like a whole vehicle, and a trailer, a $120,000 semi and a $60,000 trailer, vanished.”

But this won’t stop Mills from continuing his search and he is just hoping those around him won’t give up hope either.

If you have any information regarding this semi-truck, we encourage you to contact your local police department, and of course, as an extra safety precautions, make sure all your own vehicles are locked.